Why evooQ?

"evooQ" stands for "Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Quality".

Our descriptions try to describe olive oils by explaining what they "evoke". Hence the name.

It is this very idea of evoking the qualities of the oils that we try to convey to our customers in our choices and our descriptions: we talk about the flavours and fragrances of our extra virgin olive oils and offer suggestions based on the latest trends and the different types of cuisine that you might like to focus on.


Why 3l or 5l?

At this stage, we feel that our customers understand their senses and are keen to embrace a "raw", "unique", "temporary" and "ephemeral" product. This means that we feel that 3l or 5l is the perfect quantity for discerning consumers at a very competitive price (price per litre).

Raw: olive oil does not undergo any processing (the olive oil is extracted from olives)

Unique: the blend is decided at the moment the oil is bottled from a specific harvest with a mixture of olives that the area in question has produced (often based on an agricultural approach that has been carefully honed over hundreds of years).

Temporary and ephemeral: so that the fragrances and flavours can be appreciated and as long as the oil is kept at a temperature below 15°, away from air and light, it should last for no more than 2 years."



Our extra virgin olive oils are all produced from olives that are harvested when they are green or turning from green to black and arrive fresh at the press (within 48 hours).

Sustainable agricultural methods.

Criteria we pay particular attention to: Fruity, Bitter, Pungent, DOP, Organic, preference for local producers.


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