Our mission

evooQ is committed to promoting quality and respect for a product as age-old as olive oil. Riccardo Valenti (a Belgian with Italian heritage who is passionate about how olive oil is produced and the end result) and his business partner, Renzo Scialpi (an Italian born in the midst of the olive groves of southern Italy who has built up extensive experience in the field of marketing olive oil). Our goal is to provide as much fantastic extra virgin olive oil as we can at an affordable price, with a focus on sustainable agricultural methods and transparency when it comes to the characteristics of these oils.


Recent technological advances (extraction) have meant that real extra virgin olive oil has a higher profile in our markets than in the past, but we know that extra virgin olive oil (preferably produced organically) is still a product that can be affected by many different factors: - the type of cultivars (the type of olive tree: there are around 500 different varieties in the world), - the terroir (Dénomination d'Origine Protégée - DOP, or protected geographical designation) - agriculture (organic and cultural) - the extraction process (fairly widespread) - the extraction speed between when the olives are harvested and the moment they are extracted (max 48 hours).


Our goal is to offer the consumer a quality product according to our own knowledge, our research into different markets that produce olive oils and our quality control process. Extra virgin olive oil is produced every year and is sensitive to climate variations (the cold, the heat, humidity, dry weather) and their consequences (fragility of certain cultivars, different environmental attacks etc.). Its best before end date is set at 18 months.


It is on the basis of this research that we will add to our catalogue of products, taking into consideration the different olfactory qualities and flavours, as well as the provenance of the oil and the features of the different production methods.


Every year, we are amazed by the variety of products that there are, and we try to take a snapshot of what we feel represents the best of the wide range of extra virgin olive oils that are currently available.


We have started with Italian oils, but our goal is to expand our range to include the whole market so we can offer as wide a selection of tastes and fragrances as possible.


Please feel free to get in touch for any further information.


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